Thursday, 15 December 2016

Our last week of 2016 in Ngaio class.

Show and tell.
Well folks, here we have it, my last Blog for Ngaio class and may I take the opportunity to thank all those gorgeous families who came to say goodbye and reduced me to tears even though I had promised not to be sad as I am delighted to be going to train as an R.T.L.B.! I know I will treasure our community in my heart forever and will see many of you up at the shops or round and about. I am stoked to be going to an office based at Broadgreen School as it means I will still see many ex-Birchwood children as they continue  to grow up! Leaving with the class I started teaching here as they became 5 years old is also very special indeed....

Treasure hunt with Rm 11 on Monday afternoon - Thanks Mrs H for arranging it and Rm 11 for the fun!

"Now where do we go next??"

"Here's a clue!"


Aidan is very happy with his prizes.

Welcome to Alexis who started school on Monday.


Curse little pigs!

We love signing!

I found new old puzzles in my cupboard!

Maths- counting and adding.

Facepainting for the show!

Writing our numbers....

Browsing boxes...

Ready to go on stage!

Go Leo!!!

Eva is making up number stories.

Cutting out our angels.

Painting our trees.

Look at us!

Visitors, sorry I won't be teaching you girlies!

Finished trees!


Everyone who ever came to me in my class has one of these certificates with a photo collage on the back - I wonder how many I have made in my years here... go on, work it out!!

Christmas prezzies from me to my children.

Tom started school today (Friday!)

Look who came to speak! Liam Malone.

'Bye lovely class....

Welcome to these little oes next year.

NEXT WEEK? Holidays!